Town Hall 3D Mapping

Town Hall 3D Mapping

Sarajevo, BH // 3d mapping / video // client: City of Sarajevo // 2014

fusion gracefully accepted the invitation to be a part of the team that delivered the grand finale of the Grand Opening the renovated Town Hall in Sarajevo.

This project was extremely challenging artistically and technically, but also emotionally and morally. Since the Town Hall was first opened back in 1894, the building stood the test of time and oppression during three major wars: World War I, World War II and ’92-’95 War. Within only a few minutes, this moving performance openly depicts very specific and powerful cultural and historical importance of the building as a witness of the fate of the City of Sarajevo throughout “the century of conflict”. This footage was broadcast live worldwide but on the evening of the Grand Opening, in front of the Town Hall in Sarajevo, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The public response was so overwhelming that the presentation was repeated an additional two times.

Town Hall is the largest and most representative building built during the Ottoman Hungarian period in the country. After the liberation of Bosnia Herzegovina at the end World War II, the building was converted into the National and University Library and Archives housing a magnificent collection of over 2 million publications, manuscripts, transcripts and documents including the Sarajevo Haggadah, one of the oldest Sephardic Haggadahs in the world which originated in Barcelona around 1350. In August of 1992, a few months after the beginning of the devastating War ’92-’95, the building burned down as a result of heavy bombing destroying over 90% of the library holdings. Over two decades later, it was fully renovated and reopened with a three day celebration with a 3D Mapping grand finale.

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