OXETTE: Jewelry & Watches

Oxette: Jewelry & Watches

Sarajevo, BH // architecture // client: Oxette // 2011
Oxette: Jewelry and Watches is a worldwide famous jewelry and accessories store. fusion was commissioned to design and built their local shop. This shop is unique to the franchise as it is the only shop in the entire franchise with all four display bearing facades. This situation was not foreseen by the standards of the franchise or the shopping center where it is located.
The inside of the shop is based on the principles of minimalism. The selection of white color, a splash of turquoise color along with stainless steel details and elegant lighting provides a very pleasant shopping experience. The fact that the corridors of the shopping center are poorly light was turned into a significant advantage. The outside of the shop was purposely treated with anthracite color to contrast the shop’s interior and to draw focus to the jewelry in the display windows. Alternating the orientation of light boxes provides plenty of display space inside and emphasizes the glitter of the displayed jewelry outside the shop.

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