Urban transformation OASIS

Urban transformation OASIS

Kakanj, BH // architecture // client: City of Kakanj // 2016

Urban transformation of a completely desolated land in Kakanj, one of the most polluted cities in Bosnia Herzegovina. Within the last 30 years an area of 5,500 m2 been become an illegal dumping grounds that also housed active slums. Implementing a design model, especially created for this urban transformation, the space was transformed into an educational and recreational ecologically conscious children’s playground and sports field. The motivation to develop the model was rooted in the central issue of environmental justice that everyone deserves to live in a community where they can reach their full potential and addresses two main features in creating urban green spaces: educational and ecological.

The result is a successfully completed urban transformation and design model that improved the living environment of the local residents who now spend time in uplifting and energizing surroundings. During construction over 300 tons of various waste was removed from the location. Both project and design model can be easily replicated to create similar environmentally conscious solutions in other communities that address human needs (social, psychological, educational, integration etc.) in parallel to building ecological components of to support biodiversity and increase the provisioning of vital ecosystem services.

VR presentation of Oasis can be viewed here…

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