Living Room

Living Room Lounge Bar

Sarajevo, BH // branding // client: Living Room Lounge Bar // 2016/17

Let’s face it: People just want to have fun. Besieged by bad news on many fronts, they look to hospitality establishments to provide an inexpensive getaways that engage and entertain.

fusion was called on to create a branding solution that complements the laid back homey feel of Living Room Lounge Bar. Our favorite element in this project is a series of ten whimsical book-menus. Each book is filled with page after page of funny anecdotes, inside jokes and even alternative stories of our favorite fantasy novels. The novels include the trilogy in four parts Game of Scones, Things your Yoda conveniently forgot to mention and You found Waldo, so now what?

The whole project took an insane amount of time and energy to complete but we can honestly say that we have never had so much fun at work.

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