Dubioza Kolektiv

Himna Generacije

Sarajevo, BH // 3D crowd / video // client: Fabrika d.o.o. // 2017

Dubioza Kolektiv is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina known for their fresh take on hip-hop, reggae, dub, rock and Bosnian folklore. Himna Generacije is their stand on today’s favorite sport discipline for the masses – stressing out over which ever topic is available.

Video production: Fabrika / fabrika.com
Direction: Salem Kapić Kantardžić
Director of Photography: Almir Đikoli
Editing: Antonio Ilic
Color grading: Salem Kapić Kantardžić
CGI compositing & roto: Salem Kapić Kantardžić, Dino Hujić
3D crowd simulation: fusion: architecture + design

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