News Bar Cafe


Sarajevo, BH // branding / architecture // client: News Bar Cafe // 2011 – 2017
News Bar is a place designed with exchange of information in mind. The owners invested time and resources into creating a unique statement space that keeps their customers engaged.
Inspiration for the elaborately detailed creative solutions was derived from both contemporary and vintage publications. Logo is fits a rotary print newspaper enterprise. Menus, on vintage newspaper sticks, are loaded with insightful informational articles about coffee, teas, soda drinks, beer and whiskey that have been researched and written exclusively for this purpose. The trend crossed over into interior design where the over sized sofa backings tell a story of an emotional breakup and tabletops keep the customers informed about random historical world events from death of Elvis Presley to the Moon Landing to the newest trends in 1880’s ladies belted corsets. This project was done in cooperation with some really cool folks over at In/Out Arh Studio.

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